Halo, my name Gede Ngurah Aditya Subawa, usually called Aditya. Web programmer and web designer from Denpasar – Bali, Indonesia. After had a brief job as Web Developer for CV. Bali Mechanic Media. Now, I worked for a startup company Balinet Intravi Network Nawadwipa. In early 2008, I built Aditya Webs. The site focused more on blogging tutorial like talking on problems in websites development and finding the solutions also I develop Anti Right Click Joomla 1.5 Extensions . I also running Blogger Belog focused on Blogger/Blogspot Tutorial, Blogger Widget, Free & Premium Blogger Templates. And started my career as a Freelance Web Developer in Bali around that time.

After I graduated from Stikom Bali around 2012, I worked for a banking software house called Gasy Media but only for a while because of my passion just want to develop Bali Mechanic Web that I started since 2011.

In 2011, Me and two friends build a company that focuses on Web design and graphic design, we named it  Bali Mechanic Web with our first domain balimechanicweb.net and legalize the company into CV. Bali Mechanic Media  in 2015. I also started focusing on WordPress by develop some plugins & themes such as Mechanic Visitor Counter,Hits Counter,Post By Categories, Godoh Wp Themes,etc. At that time I started developing my own CMS which I named it Suba CMS with help from Agus Yudhistira on the nice logo and Yudha Permana with the powerfull admin page concept.

After 7 years, in 2018 we merged with PT. Bumidahatta Lestari Nusantara which is a company providing office computer equipment and IT service since 2002. We and Investor, agreed to change the name of our company toBalinet Intravi Network Nawadwipa.  Nawadwipa focused more on Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design & Mobile Apps Development.

The spirit of professionalism, skill and experience that we have, this company is able to grow rapidly until now.

To be continue...